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Mother's Day Gifts: What NOT to Buy

Updated: May 4, 2020

Quick question...How did we get so close to Mother's day? Where did April go? I don't know about you guys, but quarantine has me all jacked up. This year will be different for all of us. Our new reality has everyone re-thinking how we celebrate and plans for gift-giving may need to be changed up a bit. Here's a few tips to help. 

Gift giving is one of those emotional jobs that usually falls squarely on the shoulders of women. Most women I know (myself included...) actually buy their own presents to save their partners the trouble. Enter Mother's day. Let's face it, when your kids are little its going to your partner who does the gift-buying, so forward this along if yours needs a not-so-subtle hint...REMEMBER partners, there will not be any cute, little kid crafts from the teachers this year... 

5 Things moms usually do NOT want and 1 thing we would really LOVE 

1. Stuff:

Scented candles, journals, and frames are all the things that will most likely become things we have to clean, organize and store. Although appreciated, this kind of stuff can make moms feel overwhelmed and usually wind up cluttering a shelf and eventually put away. 

2. PJ's:

Don't get me wrong on this one... I love me some loungewear, but most jammies given as gifts are either too sexy, (dad) or covered with Disney characters and we feel like children wearing them. The grown-up, chic, styled loungewear is my personal jam. Side note: if the loungewear does not come with actual sleep, don't give it as a gift. You're just teasing us. 

3.Housewife gits: 

Toasters, blenders and food processors send a strong message about roles in the world and can be for some viewed as insulting. Unless your partner specifically asks for something like this, err on the side of caution and do not buy them. 

4. Beauty Gifts:

Gifts in this genre can appear harmless, who wouldn't want to improve your appearance, right? (See gift number 4 above). However, as innocent as this type of gift appears, beauty gifts can make a mom feel less than beautiful and have her reminiscing for a time when she actually was able to keep up her appearance. 

5. Chocolate and flowers:

I personally love flowers and an happy to have them around everyday of the week, however, some moms feel flowers are a given on Mother's day and lack thought and planning. Flowers can feel like an afterthought for some since you can literally buy roses from the gas station while grabbing some beef jerky. Ugh... 


We want time. Yep, I said it. Time, time and even more time. Time to sleep. Time to get away from cooking and cleaning. Time for a message. Time for our hobbies. Time to start a new hobby. Time for exercise. Time to drink the entire cup of coffee, while it's still hot. Time for an uninterrupted shower. Time to enjoy the sunset. Time read that gossip magazine cover to cover. Time to connect with our friends. Time to eat the whole meal and not just shove food into our faces. Time. 

In all seriousness, any gift that you have put TIME into will be appreciated, and of course anything from our children will always be loved and appreciated. Use the next few weeks to get creative and enjoy some special time with your amazing mommy. 



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