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Grateful, Appreciative, Beholden

As a military "brat", military spouse and Air Force Veteran who served during military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Memorial Day has always held a special place in my heart. The day, you see, is not to offer gratitude to veterans as many mistakenly think. Memorial Day is a special day to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice; those who have lost their lives while in the service of their country. My father was one of those service members. Forty years after my father's funeral, I can literally feel every emotion and my heart goes out to those who have been handed the folded flag as precious memento of their family member's sacred gift. 

I consider it a privilege to have been by the side of those injured in combat and moving to safety as an air evacuation nurse in theater overseas. For every wound, every embedded piece of shrapnel, every hard story of surrender to forces outside of their control, I remember feeling so grateful. Grateful I was safe, Grateful, I was secure, Grateful I was going home without a scratch. 

Today we honor and remember those who did come home, those who sacrificed everything for something bigger than themselves. The true heroes who gave their all.  

As a Veteran-owned business, we will always hold a special place at the table for those who never came home. The men and woman who have literally paid for our freedom. 

To all of those of the armed forces and their families, from the bottom of my heart, I am Grateful. 

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